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Welcome to Oxford Wildcat Athletic Boosters Club

The Oxford Wildcat Athletic Boosters Club will assist in financially supporting the Oxford Community School's interscholastic athletics; promote good sportsmanship, leadership, character and work ethic, thereby creating a positive experience for all of our youth.

2013 - 2014 Sports Seasons

Oxford Community Schools Athletic Dept. Website: 

 OAA Website:


Oxford Fight Song

Fight on Wildcats fight 
We are behind you all the way. 
Ride high Blue & Gold 
and we will march. march, march to victory. 
Our team is the best- the very best 
and we excel in every test- every test! 
Remember who your're fighting for 
Ol' Oxford High 

Booster Club Contributions

Athletic Hall of Fame Mural 5,868.00 USD
TURF Donation5,000.00 USD
Cross Country mural donation & Boosters Scholarship ($1500 ea).3,000.00 USD

Special Acknowledgements

Jets Pizza - Oxford Michigan


Jet's has consistently been very helpful financially and have gone out of their way for several school groups.  Thanks Jets!
"The Official Pizza
of Oxford Athletic Boosters"


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